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In the midst of the holidays, thought I'd share a couple of holiday traditions from one of my favorite worlds. It's on the BooksWeLove Authors Blog. Also, there's a special wish for my readers and an introduction to the newest of the Windmaster Novels, Windmaster Legend (Coming March 2019).




My specialty is?? #mfrwauthor

We're at week 49. And I'm supposed to share the recipe of the best dish I cook. If you've followed the challenge you know about me and cooking. That I prefer to bake. Although I've created my share of meals, I don't claim to be a gourmet cook. There are some heritage recipes I'm still trying to master, others I've dabbled at. But, I know they'll never be as good as those lovingly prepared by my ancestresses.

But I digress. Before I answer the question, I have one of my own that has to be answered first. Who determines what qualifies as "best?" 

Is it the cucumber and onion salad at a church potluck dinner or the ambrosia taken to the historical group's picnic?  The family might claim the Yankee pot roast on a cold winter night followed by warm apple pie topped with a scoop of ice cream might be the best thing I cook.

Now I'm hungry. Maybe I"ll answer the question after a snack.
~till next time, Helen