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Capturing Thoughts #mfrwauthor

Wow. We're up to week 25. Next week it will be the half-way mark. So diary or journal?

Pixabay Image. Used under CCO Creative Commons.
The two words are synonyms, but according to several sources, there is an important difference. A diary is strictly a record of personal and daily experiences. Whereas, a journal is more personal. One does not just record one's experiences but also thoughts, feelings and reflections. It contains feelings, emotions, problems, and self-assurances and can be used to evaluate one's life.

Pixabay Image.Used under CCO Creative Commons.

This topic was fairly easy. I don't keep a journal or diary in the traditional sense. There is no notebook with pink hearts hidden in a bottom drawer. No book of secrets secured with a lock whose key I wear on a chain around my neck.

The closest I've come was a few short stints of keeping a daily record of thoughts and activities when watching someone's children. The notes were not as much my thoughts as reminders of things to tell the parents or a means to vent when the teens were teens. Those journal pages were destroyed before sharing with anyone.

Some might call spiral notebook I keep while caregiving a journal. Times when medications were given, what vital readings were and doctors comments are jotted down for future reference.

These days, it's a digital world so a journal doesn't have to be on paper. there are journal apps for phones and computers. Reference notes, tips on craft, lists of possible character names, and photographs for setting inspiration that used to be on paper now fill several digital journals.

That said, I still carry a small notebook with me that serves as a temporary record of observations or storylines until I transfer the data to a digital journal or a folder in the file cabinet. 

~till next time, Helen